Happy Minds

Main area of intervention:

Happy Minds is an NGO founded in 2014 to promote mental health.
Through the projects the association provides emergency services, tools and psychosocial support, at national level, 24/7. Also manage information, prevention, evaluation and intervention campaigns.

Association charter RO

Secondary areas of intervention:

depreHUB Teens

PURPOSE. Preventing the onset of emotional crises in adolescents and their degeneration into anxiety or depression.

VISION. No teenager has to deal with emotional crises or problems caused by depression or anxiety alone.

Origin of the association and motivations for it creation:

Mission of the association – to improve mental health both through national prevention, assessment and intervention campaigns, and through the development of innovative tools for emotional health.

Vision – mental health is a fundamental right and everyone should have access to prevention and intervention services regardless of social, economic status or geographical location.

Description of the association’s various activities:
(main projects in progress or to come)

First helpline open 24/7. In 2019, depreHUB opened the first antidepression helpline in Romania, followed, in March 2020, by the first psycho-emotional support helpline for theCOVID-19 crisis. DepreHUB volunteers, psychologists and students at the Faculty of Psychology, support day and nightshifts throughout the year.

Transformă lacrimile în zambete.
PURPOSE . Ensuring access to psychotherapy services and rapid specialized intervention in situations of emotional crisis. The association’s psychologists support programs of 5 free therapy sessions for each beneficiary.
RESULTS. 1000 therapy sessions for 200 disadvantaged people.

Călătoria continuă. Alege viata.
PURPOSE. Preventing and discouraging suicide attempts inside the subway and providing immediate psychological support to those who manifest a suicidal risk, through telephone counseling.
Creating posters with awareness messages for advertising spaces in trains and stations, recording voice messages of awareness and information, creating a safety zone on the platform for, in order to discipline and sensitize passengers.
BENEFICIARIES. Metrorex suicide travelers and their relatives

depreHUB Teens. In January 2021 we launched depreHUB teens, a decline of the depreHUB project, through a grant from the Zi de Bine Association. The project includes # teenline 0374.461.461, an emotional first aid platform for teens and teensUP, an online emotional education game.

teensUP workshops.
PURPOSE – the emotional and social development of adolescents in Romania, as well as the prevention of anxiety and depression.
ACTIVITIES – supporting four psychoeducation and personal development workshops structured in two modules: theoretical part and practical exercises.